20 Escalator Ads Whose Competitors Don’t Stand a Chance

4 years ago

The first printed advertisement was issued in 1472, and it was a handbill announcing a prayer book. Since then, advertising has developed into a huge business. Advertising spendings are expected to reach $748 billion by 2021.

Such conditions make companies search for new and creative ways to attract attention. Bright Side has prepared a collection of surprising escalator ads for you. Let's enjoy them together!

1. Enjoy this ride as Homer Simpson enjoys his donuts.

2. Are you ready for an adventure through the Brazilian forests?

3. A free massage for everyone!

4. Silky touch escalator handrail

5. Long-lasting highlighter

6. Have a break with KitKat.

7. Endless Apple apps

8. When the company knows the meaning of long:

9. Nothing lasts longer!

10. A neverending library

11. There is never enough cheese.

12. If you ever wanted to know how long her hair is...

13. America would have 50% less electricity if coal miners didn't make this trip every day.

14. A nature-saving reminder

15. This is probably the "best" airline ad.

16. The right moment to start?

17. Hairstyles to meet your every need

18. It is hard to resist.

19. DHL delivers parcels in any conditions.

20. Find the dual benefit of lower taxes and higher returns.

Would you notice such ads? Do you have any examples of ads that caught your eye? Share them with us in the comments section!


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