26 Coincidences That Are Almost Too Good to Be True

4 years ago

Real life is so wonderfully unpredictable, that it can oftentimes beat any movie with the most complicated plot - and real coincidences are proof of this. Imagine suddenly meeting your twin out of nowhere or getting a response to a message that you had thrown into the ocean 6 years ago. It's situations like these that make us believe in fate - or at least in the existence of the Matrix!

Bright Side has collected 26 photos that perfectly display some of life's most unbelievable surprises.

"I posted this photo with a stranger in my Snapchat story. The guy managed to find me and sent me this."

Three men in this photo look like the same person.

"I found a copy of Twister while cleaning up after a tornado."

This nugget looks like a whole chicken.

"My pants were made for taking a photo with this chair in the background."

"My boyfriend and I went to a beer festival and met a couple who was dressed the same as us."

"I accidentally matched my sweater with my daughter's birthday hats."

"Nature painted another cat on my cat."

The T-shirt of this girl and the seat cloth on the bus are relatives for sure.

The seagull got tired and decided to rest.

"My boyfriend has a twin brother and my friend decided that he was cheating on me."

"I found this piece of ice in Florida. Its shape completely repeats the shape of Florida state on the map."

"My friend's order number at McDonald's was the same as her total bill."

"My dad met a man in the airport who was wearing exactly the same clothes as he was."

"There is no difference between my nails and my gum."

I don't want to dance anymore.

"My dog gave birth to three puppies, each with their own corresponding number on their backs."

A guy in an ice cream costume is buying himself an ice cream.

Another glitch in the Matrix. Why does it happen so often?

"Today I paid $123.45 for my dinner."

"6 years ago I threw a ball with my number on it and a request for the handsome guy that finds it to call me. Today I got the first SMS."

Tell me I'm not dreaming.

"The bubbles in my tea made a paw print."

It's not Photoshop. This is real.

A shelter for each sparrow.

"My friends are writing to me about each other and it is so cute that I'm gonna melt."

Have you ever taken a photo of a jaw-dropping coincidence? Please share it in the comments!

Preview photo credit chagirllauren / twitter.com


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last one is so cute like imagine your crush likes you back


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