15 X-Rays That Uncover a Hidden World We Can’t See

2 years ago

The characters of our compilation looked at ordinary things from unusual angles with the help of MRI equipment. They shared their discoveries on the Internet, and some of them learned that their baby teeth are still there, while others saw a python from the inside. Some of these images astonish us so much, that it seems they were made with the help of a high-tech computer program.

Bright Side came across users’ X-rays and MRI images and realized that there are still many things we have to learn about the world. The bonus feature at the end will show you how unusual patients get X-rayed.

1. The difference between an adult hand and that of a child

2. “X-rays of children’s mouths between the ages of 6-12 years old still hold wonder for me, even after being a dentist for 10+ years!”

  • For some reference, the small bud-like things are actually permanent teeth being manufactured in their little factories! © purplprism / Reddit

3. “Apparently there is a little boy in my son’s brain. And it’s not Photoshopped.”

4. “So my patient wouldn’t let me X-ray her unless I PROMISED to X-ray her pony after...”

5. “Managed to X-ray my helmet the other day.”

6. “Had to get our ball python an X-ray. Thought this would be interesting to share.”

7. An X-ray of an LED bulb

8. “I took an X-ray of a ballpoint pen.”

9. “My piercings under X-ray”

10. “We made a nice Halloween card.”

11. Turtles are not “inside” their shells. They “are” their shells.

12. This is what an X-rayed cat looks like.

13. “The tooth fairy owes me a lot of money at this point. I’m 33 and here are my X-rays showing my remaining baby teeth.”

14. An X-ray of a pink Hawaiian coral peony

15. “My first X-ray on the second day of radiology school”

Bonus: This dog is laying on its back on an X-ray table without any restraint.

What animal or object would you like to X-ray?

Please note: This article was updated in April 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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Little concerned over bird and cat x-rays, they are getting exposure to the x Ray beam like that! If they are going to hold them you needd lead gowns, thyroid protector and gloves which I can see they don't have the gloves, a better way would be a general anaesthetic especially for the bird. If your vet wants to do a ga for x rays please listen to them.

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