15+ Things That Camouflaged So Well, They Could Confuse Even the Brightest Minds

2 years ago

Imagine walking on the street on an ordinary day and right in front of you, there’s a delicious-looking shawarma wheel waiting for you. And right before you try to taste it, you realize it was just weirdly-shaped cement with rusty steel. Well, if you think that’s disappointing, scroll down and see what’s really hiding behind a seemingly fresh chicken ready to go in the oven.

We at Bright Side prepared 16 pics of things that mastered the camouflage game perfectly.

1. “Always cook chicken breast side up, but be sure to baste throughout!”

2. A herd of mini dinosaurs strolling around

3. Please, serve yourself some free shawarma.

4. “Was walking down a local trail and tripped over some forbidden toast.”

5. Some delicious sushi rice rolls

6. “A little disk in the ground covered in dirt”

7. “This fallen tree in Port Elliot looks like a dragon.”

8. Pipes that look like Rafiki from The Lion King

9. “This stack of towels and rolls looks like Cookie Monster.”

10. “My girlfriend’s chair looks like a duck with hair.”

11. This chair camouflages better than a chameleon.

12. “The bird mess on my window looks like a shark.”

13. “My overnight oats matched my granite.”

14. “This wilted flower looks like the eggplant emoji.”

15. “A nail file camouflaged with the sheet.”

16. This building blends in with the background perfectly.

Which of these pictures confused you the most?

Preview photo credit LogicDude / Imgur


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