15 Kids Who Can Make Anyone Feel Awkward

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3 years ago

While some kids are adorable and real angels, others can start to show dominance from an early age. The babies in this article prove that there’s no age limit when it comes to strange behavior.

Bright Side presents 15 kids who can make anyone eat broccoli and take an afternoon nap.

It’s better not to mess with her, or...

“My 5-year-old daughter brought this today.”

“When the door in the bathroom got stuck, our 7-year-old daughter found a way out.”

“Hey, birdy, have you lost your mind? It’s mine!”

When you are an ancient universal evil, and they make you dance...

A young cook was baking a doll’s head.

“Kids can be so creepy. When asked about it, my 6-year old niece told me they were trying to bring Mommy back to life.”

“My son got to meet Darth Vader. And when the Dark Lord of the Sith told him, ‘Join me, and I will complete your training.’ He reached out and held Vader’s hand! Should I be impressed, or concerned?”

It’s just an accident.

“What my 2-year-old daughter chose for her Halloween costume.”

“This is how my son was sleeping. He may be immortal.”

“Woke up at 3 AM and checked our daughters crib-cam. A little disconcerting.”

“You must fight evil, not join it!”

“My wife heard her name being whispered ‘Naa-taa-shaa...’ she looked at the baby monitor to find our son like this.”

It seems this kid knows something we don’t.

Have you ever noticed a child behaving strangely? Share your stories with us in the comments!

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