30+ Epic Things Our Parents Want to Delete From Their Past

4 years ago

Raise your hand if your parents were unhappy at least once with a look you came up with or a costume you picked out for a party. Did they consider it inconceivable and truly beyond their standards? Well... don’t get mad at them yet. Just gently remind them of that embarrassing photo they wish they could erase from existence. And don’t forget to add Sarah Dessen’s quote: “Your past is always your past. Even if you forget it, it remembers you.”

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready. Bright Side is going to take you on a journey to the time of bizarre haircuts, ludicrous outfits, and catchy yearbook photos.

1. When you are a bit too much of a mushroom fan:

2. Mullet: how to spot a kid from the 80s

3. He probably wanted to be born in another century.

4. It seems like there might be an animal hiding in her hair.

5. I am the best musician I know. What’s your talent?

6. Oh yes, it was my idea...

7. Happy Halloween!

8. When your inner romantic comes out:

9. Just... why?

10. His style is just impeccable!

11. All that’s left to do is to hope that that’s really what he was asking for.

12. As for me, the 80s will always remain a mystery...

13. Happy family, happy life.

14. Lion’s mane: Achieved

15. When your mom knew how to be stylish back in the 80s:

16. Mother’s Day, 1994

17. Sr. Elton John, is that you?

18. — Can you make me look like a sponge?
— Say no more!

19. Blunder years...

20. When you know you are the smartest in the class:

21. Give me that exploding volcano look!

22. My hairdresser said it’s the latest style.

23. An outfit that only an 80s kid can relate to...

24. She should have slept the night before school photo day.

25. Whatever happens, stay young at heart.

26. My mom would always call me a princess. So I believed I was.

27. Such a hypnotizing look...

28. Let’s just admit that sometimes our parents had weird beauty standards.

29. 4th grade. 9 years old.

30. This is my grandmother in 1980 debuting the spider costume she made.

31. I was 100% sure I was the best...

32. When you really loved grandma’s haircut:

33. Well, at least now I understand why mom was laughing at me and insisted on taking this picture.

Have you ever seen similar pictures of your family? If yes, share them! The world is waiting and so are we.


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Maybe in 20 years we will look this bizarre for our kids ?

7 months ago
The comment was deleted by a neighbor's dog.

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