13 Easy Tricks That Can Turn Anyone Into a Queen of Style

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2 years ago

The great designer Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashions fade, but style is eternal.” We would also like to add that femininity is eternal too. However, many modern women forget about that when choosing another outfit. Their wardrobes are often abundant with sportswear, trousers, and masculine boots, which eventually make them look man-ish. No, we’re not telling you to wear dresses and high-heels all year round, our ideas are much more simple.

We at Bright Side came up with some stylish tricks that will help you see a true lady in the reflection of your mirror. By the way, masculine things are not prohibited in her wardrobe at all.

1. Use outerwear as a cape.

Celebrities often use this trick when creating their looks. Perhaps it’s not very practical, but it’s extremely effective. Outerwear over the shoulders slightly restricts hand movements and makes us act more carefully. The fear of losing or dropping the coat or jacket-as-a-cape automatically makes our movements smoother and more graceful.

2. Wear a hat.

A neutral-colored hat is a universal accessory that perfectly goes with many trendy things. It can be worn with crop-tops, knit cardigans, trench coats, and jeans. Since the hat is associated with a chic silhouette, the person who wears it automatically gets this quality attributed to them by default.

3. Add the houndstooth print to your wardrobe

This aristocratic and universal print is loved by both celebrities and monarchs. The print looks wonderful not only in black-and-white, but in red, blue, and other shades as well. Make sure to pay attention to the quality of the print — it should be done accurately.

4. Tie a sweater around your shoulders.

The scarf-sweater looks extremely cool with everyday looks. It gives outfits a sense of carelessness and boldness. Opt for a finely-knit sweater — it will be easy to tie around the shoulders and it won’t look too big.

You can use this trick with dresses too — it will add a bit of coziness and simplicity to a feminine look with high-heels. Since wearing the sweater this way is a bright detail by itself, it’s better to opt for pastel colors or a color close to the overall look.

There is no one right way to wear a sweater around your shoulders, which is why you can use your imagination to the fullest. This Bright Side author tried several options — the one in the left pic seems too simple for us, while the second one looks more stylish.

5. Buy “camel-colored” items.

“Camel” is a warm shade of brown. It ranges from light beige to medium brown. It’s quite universal and matches many colors, suits any season, and looks elegant in combination with various prints. However, it’s usually the outerwear in this color that gives the look a special chic vibe.

6. Put on a cropped top over a shirt.

This trick helps to correct the imperfections of the body shape. For example, it’s better to wear a loose cardigan over a tight T-shirt, while an oversize shirt is better to be used with a corset-like top that will create a clear silhouette.

When making combinations with a top, the main thing to consider is that the more distant the materials are in density, style, and color, the more chances there are to have an interesting combination. There is no point in combining things in cotton — a cotton shirt will look better with a top made of lace, velvet, denim, or leather.

That's the look the Bright Side author put together.

7. Combine midi skirts with high boots

In order to look like a true lady, opt for midi-length skirts that’ll add femininity and grace to any woman’s look. But in order to look deluxe, it’s necessary to make sure that the skirt covers the upper part of the boots. It makes the overall look more sophisticated than having a portion of open skin on your legs.

8. Opt for clothes with abstract and geometric prints instead of floral ones.

Traditional prints like stripes, checks, polka dots, and geometric abstract shapes are there to help fashionistas keep their look “expensive.” At the same time, floral prints rarely look expensive and instead cause associations with flowerbeds.

9. Slicked back hair

Slicked back hair used to be trendy in the 80s and has recently come back around. The trick works perfectly for both long and short hair. Use mousse, gel, or wax in order to fix the hair, you can also use bobby pins from the sides. But be careful with hairspray, your hair shouldn’t look “wooden” — it should look natural.

The Bright Side author tried this trick on herself.

10. Tie your T-shirt in a knot.

If you’ve gotten tired of wearing a T-shirt tucked into your trousers or untucked and loose, try using this current trendy trick — tie it in a knot. You can also try this lifehack using a bracelet to make your look more unique.

Collect the fabric from the upper bottom of the T-shirt, loop it through the bracelet, loosen the bottom of the T-shirt, and tuck inside. It will help you make your T-shirt into a crop-top with a decoration.

11. Decorate your outfit with a brooch.

The image of a true lady will never be complete without the little details. A brooch is one of those elements that will complete an elegant look. It can look perfect on a blouse, a dress, or a blazer, and give these outfits a second life. By the way, brooches are no longer considered to be official accessories. Nowadays it’s easy to find any version of this element: whether it be romantic or playful.

12. Use a handkerchief as a belt.

Wrap a handkerchief around your waist and hide its ends under a belt or you can replace the belt with the handkerchief. This detail will definitely attract attention and impress everyone around you. One of the best options is to use a monotone outfit and a bright colorful handkerchief.

The Bright Side author replaced her neutral belt with a handkerchief and the overall look started pop with the new colors.

13. Apply bright red lipstick.

A bright emphasis on the lips instantly makes the look appear well-groomed and bold, even if you are wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and trainers. It’s very easy to create a chic look: make a high ponytail and apply bright red lipstick on your lips. Keep in mind, matte shades look more elegant.

Which of these tricks are you going to start using right away?


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