15 People Who Couldn’t Help but Laugh When Looking at Their Old Photos

2 years ago

Perhaps many of us like to look through our old photo albums. Most often the photos make us smile with nostalgia, but sometimes we just want to hide, or even burn, them. Because when we were kids or teenagers, we used to wear ridiculous clothes or have ridiculous haircuts, and we still believed that we looked really cool.

Internet users shared their old photos where they imitated Eminem, showed off their collections of plush toys, or sported their mafia-like hats. So, at Bright Side, we couldn’t just ignore them.

“My wonderful supportive Mom paid a professional photographer for these.”

“We were 8, and had our own band.”

“I was super cool in these off-brand Converse and Walmart Halloween tutu.”

“Even though I looked like a little boy, I knew my Barbie car and socks with sandals were sick as hell.”

“My mom’s second grade photo from 1970 makes me laugh!”

“The only thing about this picture that I regret is that this collection of Beanie Babies wasn’t larger.”

“By far the worst photo of me in my existence.”

“Me, at 8 years old, being pissed that I’m late for primary school and my mom stopping me to take photos.”

“I was one of those who used to wear a beanie in the middle of the summer.”

“1999. I thought I was so cool when I figured out how to make the peace sign.”

“6 years old looking 60. Why did my mom let me go to school looking like this?”

“I thought I was super cool with my $20 wig.”

“I wore this to school.”

“You couldn’t have paid me to tone it down.”

“Me thinking my fedora looked so cool and made me feel like a mafia boss.”

  • I want to know how many of us also had a fedora phase when we were younger, because I know I did. © SnowChipper / Reddit

“The early 90s were not kind to my family.”

What was trendy when you were young? What do you feel when looking through your old photos. Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit peachyillustrations / Reddit


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