15+ People Whose Age Is a Mystery

11 months ago

Some people look 40, when they are 14 and others look like teenagers, when they are adults. It is a moot point as to whether it’s a gift or a curse, but what we definitely know is that trying to guess these people’s ages based on appearance alone is an impossible task and the people in this compilation will prove it.

We at Bright Side have found 18 people that look incredibly unlike their actual age.

1. “Me, 14, looking like a 40-year-old Russian housewife.”

2. “Just turned 38. No one ever believes me.”

3. 13 to 30 in one cut

4. “Eyes of a 15-year-old girl, chin of a 30-year-old man...”

5. “Looking like a 50-year-old mama getting ready to go to church on a Sunday. I’m 13/14 in this pic.”

6. 7 or 37?

7. “Last year somebody told me I look like I’m 20 AND 50. She was trying to insult me, but I loved it.”

8. “This popped up on my newsfeed and I had to read her banner twice.”

9. “This 31-year-old lady looks like a 16-year-old activist.”

10. So young, but already a chef

11. “My mom in 8th grade in the ’80s... a true icon”

12. 13 months or 30 years?

13. “I was rocking the middle-aged mom look at 15.”

14. “This dude from my friend’s new school is 15 years old.”

Are you sure he isn't an illegal immigrant pretending he is a minor to stay in the country?


15. “12-year-old me in my family photo. I look like the 35-year-old secretary who makes the best Christmas cookies at work.”

16. “Apparently I belong here. I’m 26.”

17. “My niece, I was taking a picture of her and caught her on the down step running down a hill.”

18. “Cover the beard, 12-year-old schoolboy, cover the eyes, 38-year-old lumberjack”

Do you have any pictures in your archives that show how you’ve managed to trick time?

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My mom always got the 20/50 look because when she was like 18 she got gray streaks in her hair. She believes in natural beauty, so she has never dyed her hair, and the only makeup she ever uses is occasionally a little lipstick or blush and an eyebrow pencil since she plucked out her eyebrows at 13. When I was about 6 to 13 people would often ask if she was me grandma since she had gray hair lol


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