What 18 Fairy Tale Princesses Would Look Like If They Were Plus-Size Queens

4 years ago

We recognize fairy tale princesses for their gentle personalities, nobility, and their perfectly slim bodies. But what if, for some reason, these delicate women were a few pounds heavier? How would they have looked? Well, we were determined to find out and imagined them with somewhat more pronounced curves, and the result was not only interesting but very refreshing.

At Bright Side, we’re committed to filling your life with inspiration and creation, so we thought we’d introduce you to 18 new versions of these princesses that we hope you’ll find just as refreshing and liberating as we did.

1. Elsa

2. Pocahontas

3. Ariel

4. Belle

5. Anna

6. Jasmine

7. Snow White

8. Moana

9. Cinderella

10. Mulan

11. Tiana

12. Aurora

13. Merida

14. Rapunzel

15. Wendy

16. Meg

17. Kida

18. Anastasia

Have you ever wondered why fairy tale princesses were so slim and fit all the time? Do you think they look better this way? Would you like to see more plus-size princesses? Let us know in the comment section!


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Rapunzel looks... well... I didn't expect that look though!!!!! It's even weirder than what I thought.


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