15 Little Details in Disney Movies That Most of Us Didn’t Even Notice

3 years ago

Disney movies are much more than time machines capable of bringing our childhoods back, leaving an aftertaste of nostalgia. In fact, they’re all linked and have small details that are hidden from viewers who haven’t seen all these movies many times. But even if you’ve seen a lot of these films multiple times, there are so many hidden details in them, you’ve likely missed a handful.

Bright Side decided to carry out some quick research to find out what some of the best-hidden details in Disney movies were, and here’s what we found. Spoiler alert — if you’ve already found any of these, it means you really have an eagle eye.

1. Hercules bumps his head on a ship he traveled on.

When young Hercules first enters Phil’s cabin, you might recall that he accidentally hits his head on the Argo’s mast. In Greek mythology, the Argo was a ship that belonged to another well-known hero, Jason. On the Argo, he led a crew of heroes, amongst which you could find Hercules as well. Interestingly enough, it’s said that Jason died from a blow to the head when he bumped into a piece of wood from the ship, just as it happens to Hercules in that scene from the movie.

2. The Genie from Aladdin writes from right to left.

Aladdin, one of Disney’s most popular movies, was inspired by a tale from a classic compilation of folk tales known as One Thousand and One Nights. These stories were popular in the Middle East and Disney’s movie pays homage to Arab culture, even in the smallest details. One of them is a scene where the Genie is taking note of Aladdin’s imaginary wishes. You can clearly see how he writes from right to left, just like it’s done in Arabic and other languages from the Middle East.

3. In The Princess and the Frog, Dr. Facilier’s shadow reflects skulls.

The evil, ambitious wizard in the film, The Princess and the Frog, reflects images of skulls, similar to the one from his hat, in his shadow. This little detail really turns his office into an even more sinister place.

4. When Maui is transformed, his tattoo also becomes a shark.

In the movie, Moana, Maui suffers through different transformations until he becomes half-shark, half-human; and his tattoos also change with his new appearance, turning one of his small tattoos into the head of a shark and the legs of a man, just like him.

5. Stitch’s adoption document is actually a thank-you note to the production and creative team.

The moment Lilo convinces her sister to adopt the adorable (and kind of crazy) Stitch, the document she signs in order to keep him is actually a thank-you letter to the production staff and the creators of the film, Lilo & Stitch.

6. Unlike other lions, Scar always has his claws exposed and ready to use.

One of the most distinctive features of big felines such as lions is their claws. These are retractable and most of the time, hidden. Only when a lion feels threatened or has to defend themselves do they use these claws. In the film, The Lion King, the evil Scar has his threatening claws in plain sight at all times, unlike the other lions of the kingdom.

7. The Light that shines on the villain, Frollo, is shaped like a coffin.

The cruel judge and evil Frollo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame plans to finish off Esmeralda during the song, “Hellfire.” In the sequence of his evil melody, the light reflecting off of Frollo is shaped like a coffin, predicting his fate.

8. When asked if he had been arrested before, Nick first selected the answer, “yes.”

In the movie, Zootopia, Nick, a fox who happens to be a candidate for a policeman, fills out the application to enter the Zootopia police department. In the form, you can clearly see that he checked the box that read “yes” for the question about whether he had committed a previous crime or had ever been arrested.

9. During Gaston’s fall, skulls appear in his eyes.

The arrogant and presumptuous hunter, Gaston, turned out not to be such a skilled huntsman after all and had an unexpected ending when he tried to attack the Beast. In the famous scene of the movie when he falls from a high tower, 2 skulls appear in his eyes, like a bad omen, predicting what his ending would be.

10. The record in Wreck-It, Ralph is Walt Disney’s date of birth.

You might not have noticed, but the highest score and unbeatable record in Wreck-It, Ralph shows the numbers, 120501, which are a clear reference to Walt Disney’s date of birth, December 5, 1901.

11. Rapunzel’s cradle has objects that represent some of the characters in the film.

At the beginning of the movie, Tangled, we can see that baby Rapunzel is looking at the moving picture from which different objects shaped like animals are hanging. These creatures are all shaped like some of the characters that will later appear in the film and that help or at least play an important role for Rapunzel.

12. Aladdin’s flying carpet appears in a cameo in The Princess and the Frog.

In the movie, The Princess and the Frog, when Tiana walks around New Orleans, we can see a clear reference to Aladdin’s magic carpet, which is being hung or pat to clean by a woman on a balcony.

13. Honey Lemon’s bag needs a chemical formula for every object.

In the film, Big Hero 6, chemistry expert Honey Lemon has as a special bag designed with the periodic table on it. Whenever you need an object, you just have to type a specific chemical formula corresponding to the object you want and it will appear.

14. In her spell, Ursella conjures up a Vanessa butterfly, the same name she gets later on in the film.

While casting a black magic spell meant to take over Ariel’s voice, Ursula uses a butterfly. The actual genus of that insect is known as Vanessa. That’s the same name that she takes on with her new look as a beautiful, delicate young woman.

15. Mother Gothel always kisses and touches Rapunzel’s hair when she hugs her because it’s the only thing she loves about her.

When Rapunzel’s evil foster mother, Mother Gothel, takes her in her arms, the only part that she pays attention to is her hair. That’s actually the only part she caresses and kisses. In the film, this is a very clear clue that reveals she doesn’t really love Rapunzel — only her magic hair.

Did you know any of these Disney secrets? Which Disney movie makes you feel thrilled and excited as an adult? Let us know what you think in the comment section!


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These are all so smart and kinda hard to find, the only one I really got was the Big Hero 6 one


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