15+ Times Designers Made Us Laugh and Cry at the Same Time

2 years ago

From a Pikachu that gained a few extra pounds to advertisements that make your local baker appear as a clown, questionable designs can be found anywhere. And even though the creations didn’t turn out as designers might have planned, they certainly succeeded at one thing: putting smiles on our faces.

We at Bright Side had a pretty good laugh while looking at these designs that went wrong and decided to share the best ones we could find with you.

1. “Ah, yes, my favorite superhero”

2. “Pikachub, I choose you!”

3. “I had no idea Spider-Man was actually a monkey.”

4. “Found the Super Koala Bros statue today.”

5. The sign reads: “Teaching kids good manners,” but it looks like you’re just throwing the baby into the trash.

6. This tea will change your image size ratio.

7. “Found this ad for lemonade while shopping.”

8. “Our baker is a clown!”

9. Well, at least they tried.

10. Hottest new novel

11. Best detergent ever!

12. “More sour than sweet, I guess.”

13. “Found this at Goodwill for 59 cents. Finally, my kitty is safe! Now we need one for the dog.”

14. The packaging says it all.

15. “Finding Emo”

16. The side of Dory’s family no one talks about...

Which design made you laugh the most? Would you buy any of these for yourself?


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