12 Utterly Brilliant Ads That Leave Their Competitors With No Chance

9 months ago

It’s no secret that lots of people don’t like ads. We tend to change the TV channel during the commercial breaks, we don’t pay attention to billboards, and we avoid taking promo flyers on the streets. However, some ads are so creative they make you do a double take.

We at Bright Side have collected for you 12 remarkable advertisements that are just impossible to ignore.

Kleenex facial tissues

Adidas training equipment that helps you stay on your toes all the time

KitKat chocolate bars


This National Geographic program won’t be boring!

Steaming Folgers coffee on top of manhole covers

McDonald’s: the ad that’s impossible to ignore

Miele vacuum cleaners are super powerful

Nike says, "Don’t waste your time: run."

Folliderm serum against hair loss

The Drybar hair salon will lift your mood in any weather

The Nationwide insurance company is always on your side

Ricola cough drops: unwrap your voice

Preview photo credit kleenex


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