15+ People Who Discovered Something That Made Our Eyes Go Wide Open

5 months ago

If you’ve ever wondered whether your underwear could come with a phone pocket or what a brand-new roll of pennies might look like, we’ve got the answers for you. Today, we’ve gathered 15+ pics that will make your eyebrows raise in curiosity.

1. “Our 30 year old horse lost a tooth while eating the other day.”

2. “My thermometer has bottomed out. Actual temperature is −44 °C (-47 °F).”

3. “Neighbor installed heaters under public sidewalk.”

4. “My girlfriend didn’t clean out the dryer lint trap for 6 months.”

5. “This underwear has a pocket for your phone.”

6. “Dropped my iPhone on a beach and the MagSafe case attracted titanomagnetite from the black sand.”

7. “Found a pearl in my oyster last night.”

8. “This fake rat ‘melted’ through the plastic of this drawer.”

9. “I marked this sticks shadow about every 15mins.”

10. “This pretty small magnet was shipped with so much styrofoam.”

11. “Bubbles in my coffee this morning.”

12. “Found a homeless guy’s stick house in the woods.”

13. “My bank gave me a roll of brand new pennies from 1964.”

14. “My grandpa gave me a can of oxygen for Christmas.”

15. “I boiled down 5 gallons of seawater and this all the salt.”

16. “I don’t have a seat in front of me on my flight.”

17. “The fire on my stove turned green.”

Before you go, take a peek at our new article showcasing 17 Internet photos that will leave you scratching your head. These confusing images seem out of this world.

Preview photo credit jefpatnat / Reddit


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