15 Weird Shots Suddenly Taken by the Google Car

4 years ago

The best photos are candid photos where you don't have to pose. And people from this article were sure about that once they were found by Google Street View. In 2007, Google released a project that allowed anyone to take a stroll anywhere they want. And this also means that we're now able to see not only the world's beauty but also its hilarious and interesting reality.

Bright Side invites you to discover something new and have a look at "live" pictures taken at the exact right moment.

15. Japanese pigeons look like this.

14. One of them doesn't know how to ride a bicycle.

13. That's what happens when Google Street View meets a horse...

12. You'll never be ready for this one.

11. The cutest donkeys you've ever seen.

10. When everything goes wrong.

This citizen of Houston was having a really bad day. He spilled detergent on his pants and went outside to let them dry. Then suddenly the Google car appeared and took a picture of him.

9. This guy is stuck somewhere in a computer game.

8. And what do you do when you see the Google car?

7. This creepy creature scared lots of people.

The citizens of the French town Nancy noticed this strange creature while looking through street panoramas on Google. Most of the users agreed that it looked really scary. After several complaints, Google replaced the picture.

6. When you think no one will find out.

5. This good boy is really interested.

4. So many questions and no answers.

3. Someone ate too much.

2. One more creepy picture.

1. Google Street View captured a murder. But it was fake.

Members of this "crime" knew about the coming Google car and simulated the fake murder. However, these guys had to explain everything to the police because this picture stirred the concern of the mass media.


This is what a person that takes photos of all of the worlds paths and walkways looks like. And he does it to help us enjoy the most distant corners of our planet.

Let's do an experiment. Go to Google Street View, insert the name of your city, take a screenshot of a main place of interest, and post it in the comments without any caption. Let's see if we can guess where we all live.

Preview photo credit zigmo161 / pikabu


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