Woman Says Older Ladies Can Also Wear G-String Bikinis, But Some People Strongly Disagree

3 months ago

Elle Anthony is on a mission to empower all women and remind them that they should be able to flaunt their bodies no matter how old or what shape they’re in. This TikTok creator recently posted a touching video about body positivity, but many people online rushed to disagree.

She’s a summer queen.

In her TikTok video, the 53-year-old told her followers that the societal rules about who can or can’t wear tiny swimsuits don’t matter at all. She began her message by declaring, “Summer is upon us, and everyone is always talking about getting their summer beach body ready.”

Elle explained that living in the moment is crucial, as what matters is your mindset, not your concerns. She noted, “Baby, if you’re ready to go to the beach and you have no shame about what your body looks like in a bathing suit, or surf shorts, or swim shorts, then you’re summer beach body ready.”

Wear what makes you happy.

The content creator continued to inspire her viewers to wear whatever they want, stating, “Wear that bikini, wear that G-string, wear those short shorts, whatever you’re into. This is your summer.”

Elle also encouraged her female followers to embrace freedom and empowerment and to disregard the external pressure they encounter as they age. She pointed out, “Remember, it’s only society that puts criticisms and labels and standards on us that we didn’t even ask for.”

Some people disagree.

The 53-year-old adheres to this principle without compromise, often proudly showcasing her body in bold clothing and bikinis. While a significant portion of her online followers compliment her and support her stance, many others hold differing opinions and even engage in trolling.

For instance, one person wrote ’’No thanks. I have seen enough.’’ Another commented, ’’It all depends on what shape you are.’’
A third individual remarked, ’’[...] no human ever needs to wear a “G-string” at the beach. Having confidence doesn’t require you to dress inappropriately. Dress modestly and have fun at the beach.’’

We believe all women are fabulous as long as they feel comfortable in their skin and are prepared to showcase their beauty. At 74, this stunning woman demonstrates that we’re never too old to impress the world with our physique.


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