20+ Photos Proving That Kids Are an Inexhaustible Source of Entertainment

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4 years ago

Have you ever left a child for alone for 5 minutes before wondering, "Why is it so quiet?" These people below were thinking the same thing.

Kids are a true joy in life and are the best source of entertainment that money can buy. But what if money can't fix the aftermath? Bright Side found 20+ amazing pictures that prove having kids means you never have to leave the house to be entertained again.

That was some party...

I can make my own jacuzzi!

Is it Spiderman or the Exorcist?

He's wishing for long legs when he grows up.

World of Warcraft will change your child forever.

The face of boredom.

"I've never worn this before... do I look OK?"

Lost in hiding

When your brother is an evil genius:

If you leave your laptop, it gets cleaned. Sort of.

"How do I hide from that dang sunshine?"

You don't choose your pet, your pet chooses you.

He's not impressed.

Dark side of the dark side

Little genius

"What is love? Baby, don't lick me, don't lick me, no more."

I wonder what he's thinking... bacon?

You should've put her in a crafting class.

I see Eggos, I take Eggos.

Part of the pack

Would you happen to have some time to play?

If your children have done something really funny, please share it with us, we want to hear about it!

Preview photo credit momoneymofood/imgur


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