15 People Who Give Off Positive Vibes Even When Life Gives Them a Bitter Pill

2 years ago

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. It is not always easy to live by this saying, but there are some people who’ve mastered the art of positivity and succeed at rising above their problems every time.

The Bright Side team searched the internet to find the most inspirational examples of people who turn the lemons that life throws at them into lemonade.

1. “My girlfriend at the dentist”

2. “I see what you did there”

3. No AC, no problem

4. “When you accidentally trim through your plate, you’ve got to turn lemons into lemonade!”


6. Please stop.

7. “My neighbors turning lemons into lemonade on Valentine’s Day after someone had abandoned a coffee table in front of their house.”

8. “At least I can give a major thumbs up now.”

9. “My dad’s friend brought him a clever birthday cake”

10. “Messed up measuring a plate so my lady suggested framing it”

11. “My SO is going through chemo, and each time she is going as a different theme. This week it is bananas.”

“She’s handing out frozen chocolate-covered bananas to other patients and telling them, ’This whole thing is bananas!’”

12. “Crazy sore muscles but no bathtub? Improvise. Adapt. Overcome”

13. “It’s my last week at work. My coworkers got me a goodbye cake.”

14. “Making the best out of a bad situation...”

15. “My coworker forgot her contact lens case, so she improvised”

Which instance is your favorite? Don’t forget to share what you do when life gives you lemons, in the comment section.

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