20 People Who Make Our Roughest Days Look Like a Piece of Cake

2 years ago

Life is not a bed of roses, and we all have bad days. But on a scale of “tough luck” to “absolute nightmare,” the people on this list definitely found themselves on the worst end of that spectrum. During these times, it’s easy to lose your marbles and burst with anger — or you can let out steam by ranting on the Internet instead.

Bright Side found 20 unfortunate souls who probably need a hug (or a 4-leaf clover) after experiencing these awful mishaps.

1. “My father forgot to tell me that today’s renovation would be taking out the stairs.”

2. “This week started with a breakup, then my car was towed. Now I spilled spaghetti in my shoe.”

3. “Someone flying out of this airport is going to have a rough time in a few hours.”

4. “My friend was cooking frozen pizza...”

5. “Bought these binoculars specifically to go to the Grand Canyon today.”

6. “Guess who washed their hands with toothpaste this morning?”

The label reads, “Himalayan pink salt toothpaste.”

7. “Was so proud for pushing myself to work out today...”

8. “Someone egged me last night in 0-degree weather.”

9. “Just took this Q-tip out of the box not noticing the missing end and poked my ear out.”

10. “This is how they plowed the parking lot at work after a big snow storm.”

11. “This repugnant foot right next to my daughter on a flight”

12. “This is my view from the bathroom floor, looking at the hole in the ceiling I just fell through.”

13. “Parking fees have gone up in our city...”

14. “Dropped a half-gallon of paint down the stairs.”

15. “I work at an ice skating rink and instead of properly turning in skates, people just started throwing them over the counter.”

16. “I have to use this keyboard that was passed down to me by the previous technician.”

17. “So I threw my snow shovel up to knock snow off the wires. I need that shovel.”

18. “This guy dropped a $40,000 palette of glass on his first day.”

19. “Our landlord keeps saying there’s nothing wrong with our shower...”

20. “Came home after a long shift, went to get some food, and a mouse was in it.”

Do you have recent encounters that tested your patience? How did you react or deal with them?

Preview photo credit M****rously-funny / Reddit


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