20 People Whose Luck Seems to Have Expired

2 years ago

Research says that the average person has 60 bad days per year. So approximately every week, life brings some kind of unpleasant surprise, and it’s up to us whether it will spoil our mood, or whether we will turn it into a barrel of laughs.

We at Bright Side applaud these 20 people who were able to stay strong when life gave them too many lemons.

1. “Purely deceiving consumers”

2. “I feel betrayed.”

3. Another victim of unfair online sellers

4. “What could go wrong if my neighbor uses the longest possible drill out there?”

5. “My laptop was murdered by a single grain of Chipotle brown rice that got closed in the screen.”

6. “The ice cream cake I ordered for Valentine’s Day said, ‘I Love You’ but some letters fell off during transit.”

7. The Starbucks drive thru for Hogwarts students

8. “The maze they gave after donating blood has no escape.”

9. “Asked my boyfriend to bake the croissants for our dinner...”

10. “Yup. I think I might be alone in this.”

11. Happy New Fear

12. “I picked my dog up from the groomers and busted out laughing. The groomer apparently didn’t understand my request very well.”

13. “We have a saying in Germany: ’If the day wasn’t your friend, it was your teacher.’”

14. “My local Dunkin Donuts drive-through speaker broke. They’re using a baby monitor now.”

15. “Threw my swatter at a fly. Don’t ask questions because I don’t have answers”

16. “I thought someone broke this ‘YOU’ sign. My wife rolls her eyes and says, ’It says JOY...’”

17. “The whole can of Pringles was missing half the flavor!”

18. “The vent in my bathroom unrolls my toilet paper.”

19. “It Doesn’t fit.”

20. This man just wanted to take a cute panorama photo of his cat.

What was the funniest fail that you’ve ever seen? How do you usually deal when life brings you unpleasant surprises?

Preview photo credit vanilla_lychee / reddit


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