25 Pictures That Prove Nature Is a Continuous Delight

2 years ago

Mother Nature is quite the changeling, with her seasons and creatures, sights, and serendipity. But we hardly know everything about her. In fact, scientists estimate that there may be a total of 8.7 million species of plants and animals, but we only know 1.2 million of them. In the same way, even the most avid of travelers only manages to see a fraction of all of nature’s wonders.

Bright Side dug up some surprising pictures that prove nature always has something new up her sleeve. Here’s some armchair traveling for you.

1. “The inside of this tree looks like a fish.”

2. “This potato’s sprouts grew in the shape of a mustache.”

3. “This Tibetan Cherry tree at my local park looks like copper!”

4. “2 roses are growing out of the dying remains of the other rose.”

5. “This tree fell over and grew 4 more trees out of it.”

6. “This perfectly circular stone my mom found at the beach this weekend.”

7. “This weird lemon that grew on our lemon tree.”

8. “Ice sheet still holding onto trees after a flood subsides.”

9. “We caught a critically endangered sunflower sea star in our crab trap. Did not touch it and put it back as soon as we could.”

10. “The inside of my black nebula carrot looks like a geode.”

11. “A spiral cucumber grew in my garden.”

12. “This 5-leaf clover I picked grew roots instead of dying after a few days, like usual.”

13. “I didn’t pick my lettuce and it grew into a mini Christmas tree.”

14. “This root looks like a small monkey.”

15. “My neighbor’s house encased in ice after the recent blizzard in Ohio (on the shore of Lake Erie)”

16. “This fungus or mycelial growth on the bottom of a snake plant my friend found resembles a huge tree.”

17. “My plant grew a pair of legs.”

18. “This leaf on Mt. Rainier lost its leafiness.”

19. “This rainbow vine started growing in my backyard.”

20. “Desiccated tomatillo husk that contains seeds”

21. “There is a colony of... something growing in between the panes of glass of my window.”

22. “This tree grew inside an old silo and finally made it to the top!”

23. “Tiny natural geode shaped like footprints.”

24. “I found a mussel with naturally googly eyes.”

25. “The mold on this cheese grew in the shape of a perfect Mickey Mouse.”

Which natural wonder had you spellbound? Have you ever managed to photograph some surprising sights from nature? Share your favorite picture with us.

Preview photo credit molehillmilk/reddit, WFO06/reddit


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