15 People Whose Ordinary Day Turned Into a Nice Adventure

2 years ago

It’s easy to get lost in the mundane rat race we call life and forget how wonderful and colorful it can be. It’s a good thing that life actually has its ways of perking up our spirits, reminding us that we are on a wonderful thrill ride together, and the next surprise is just around the corner. So buckle up because we are taking you on an adventure and giving you a boost of joy — after all, happiness is contagious, according to science.

Bright Side wants to show you 15 pictures to remind you that little wonders happen. You just have to remind yourself to look for them on a daily basis.

1. “I found the boot that Reese Witherspoon threw off a cliff during the filming of the movie, Wild.”

2. “My wisdom tooth was so unique, the surgeon wanted to take a picture of it to show his students.”

3. “This wall looks like it holds a rare item in-game.”

4. “This grocery store in Venice, Italy”

5. “There’s a plane in the middle of the forest in Oregon.”

6. “Found a rock split by lightning in Sikkim, India.”

7. “A chunky bee smacked into my face while I was taking a selfie with a cow on a hike.”

8. “It’s −20⁰C in Toronto today. The steam from this pipe immediately froze onto the grass and bush.”

9. “During a walk in the woods, I saw that a woodpecker cut an ’i’ into one of our trees.”

10. “So my friend found a message in a bottle while fishing.”

11. “My nephew found a seashell with squid eggs inside.”

12. “A friend discovered a pink katydid while working today.”

13. “My brother saw a dinosaur while digging up his garden.”

14. “Saw some wild horses in Nevada wandering the neighborhoods.”

15. “Found this amazing sight: 9 turtles and a bird just chilling.”

When was the last time you found something amazing when you least expected it? Tell us in a comment.

Preview photo credit joinmeandwhat / Reddit


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