My 3-Year-Old Insisted I Was Having a Baby, and Described Her Perfectly

5 months ago

Some kids seem to foresee things before they happen, while others say eerie things that make us shiver. These tales make us wonder if there’s more to the world than what we see. This mom shared a fascinating story about how her daughter predicted her pregnancy.

This is the story:

“A few years ago, when my daughter was 3 I decided to go back to school and become a nurse. My husband and I were in no way trying for a baby whatsoever. I was on birth control and we were very careful.

I walk into her preschool one day to find the director and her teachers telling me congratulations with big smiles on their faces. I used to work as a preschool teacher here so a lot of these people were close friends of mine. I ask them what they’re congratulating me for and they tell me that my daughter announced to everyone that mommy has a little sister in her tummy.”

“It was really sweet and I just assumed she really wanted a little sister. (She had never expressed any interest in having a sibling before this and we never discussed it.) We had the talk again and she got upset with me and told me she had seen her before and SHE IS IN THERE.

She told me that her sister looks different from us and has blonde hair and blue eyes with ‘little holes in her cheeks’ aka dimples. My daughter, husband, and I all have very dark hair, chocolate brown eyes, and no dimples.”

“I talk to her about wanting a sibling and tell her that when I finish school we will try to give her a little brother or sister. Again, she’s frustrated & yelling ‘I ALREADY HAVE A SISTER’

I was expecting my period to start within the next week like clockwork. It didn’t. I took a pregnancy test and just stared at that faint positive result for what felt like forever. I was completely in shock. I was on birth control, so immediately called my OBGYN and they saw me the next day. It was estimated that I was 4 weeks and 6 days pregnant.

I gave birth to a blonde-haired, blue-eyed little girl with the sweetest dimples.”

Some people in the comments had similar stories:

  • My son would also push up my shirt and talk to his baby sister through my belly button when he was 2, and sometimes he would sniff in there, but he knew I was pregnant. Then when he was 7, I was reading to him at night and he kept sticking his nose in the crease of my elbow. This started before I found out I was pregnant. I miscarried at 8 weeks, and a few days later he looked at me sadly and said “The good smell is going away”. haf_***_zebra / Reddit
  • My oldest son told me one day that, when his baby brother got here, he could have all the toys my oldest son didn’t want. I found out two weeks later I was pregnant with his little brother.
    creepsmcgreeps / Reddit
  • Before I got pregnant with my daughter, my mom said she had a dream of me sitting in a dark room under a spotlight, and I had a little girl who looked just like me sitting on my lap. A month later I got pregnant with my daughter who is pretty much a carbon copy of me. My mom called it her “announcement dream”. Mmanos316 / Reddit
  • My daughter drew me a picture of our family. I saw some tiny person I didn’t recognize and asked her who it was. She told me it was her “little brother”. I wasn’t pregnant and told her I wasn’t, but she was laughing and saying I would be. Many months later I found out I was pregnant on my daughter’s birthday, and a few months later found out I was having a son. I asked her if she remembers any of it but she doesn’t. My son is SO in love with my daughter. She was one of the first people he really smiled at. Elegant_Ganache_2551 / Reddit
  • My 3-year-old daughter tickled my belly in October and I asked why she was tickling me. She said she wasn’t tickling me, she was tickling the baby. I didn’t have a protruding belly so I was confused and explained I was not pregnant. 1 week later I found out I’m pregnant. We didn’t tell her yet and avoided talking about it in front of her. She kept talking about it. 3 weeks ago she looked at me and said: “I want a brother but I’m getting a sister. It’s ok though, I’ll love her too.” About a week ago we found out it would be a girl, I’m in the 18th week now. I am not a believer in these things but I have to say this is freaking me out a little. Hippofuzz / Reddit
  • I got pregnant with my 2nd when my first was 13 months old. She didn’t know anything about pregnancy or where babies come from at that age. But early in my pregnancy, she started pointing to my tummy and saying “baby.” It wasn’t as mind-blowing because I already knew I was pregnant, but my toddler did not, nor did she have a concept of babies growing inside bellies. TealCatto / Reddit
  • Funny how we can have this sixth sense. The night before my ultrasound for my second pregnancy I had a dream I was having twins. I woke up and told my husband and we laughed about it. Went to the ultrasound that day by myself as we’d been through this before and they told me it was twins, called my husband immediately after and he was in shock. Gave birth to two healthy babies. Emeraldame / Reddit
  • I have three daughters. In between my oldest and my twins, I had a miscarriage at 11 weeks. My husband and I always privately thought it was a boy, even though we didn’t tell anyone. My twins are four and a half now, and a few weeks ago one of them went up to a lady in our church and announced “I had a brother once, but he couldn’t stay. He had to come back and he was sad but then I got to come so it’s okay. He’s waiting for us.” I have NEVER EVER told the twins about the miscarriage. My oldest was two when it happened so she doesn’t remember it. I have certainly never told anyone, outside of a few close friends, that my husband and I felt the baby was a boy. She just came out with it, so matter of fact, without ever mentioning it before or since. It was bizarre, but also oddly comforting. I knew that baby was a boy, and it’s nice to think he might be waiting for me somewhere. dannicalliope / Reddit

Sometimes kids surprise us with their words, even more than coffee wakes us up. They’re like mini versions of us. Check out how parents share being outsmarted by their own kids, leading to funny moments and endless laughter.

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