18 Times People Found Things That Need Some Answers

2 years ago

If you think that there is nothing left in our world to surprise or shock you, don’t rush to such conclusions. Even one visit to a thrift store can turn into a real adventure. Just take some photos to share with your friends later and have a few laughs.

We at Bright Side never stop searching for things that can surprise us and today we have 18 new photos to share to make your day more entertaining.

1. Apparently, he goes to the gym.

2. “Eddie Murphy/Sonic the Hedgehog cake for a birthday. I’m thrilled with how hilariously awful it turned out.”

3. Because there is no reason at all for this.

4. What’s going on in Rye?

5. “This strange little car I came across in a parking lot”

6. “Someone at work this morning, no idea who. He is just sitting in the middle of the hall in front of the elevators.”

7. “I wondered for a while why the lid was open every day.”

8. How to never run out of candy.

If I lived in a country where people celebrate Halloween, I'd be so tempted to make caramel apples but use onions instead.


9. Real magic

10. “My school doesn’t have locks on the stalls. So, we came up with a solution here.”

11. “I have no idea why.”

12. “I came home to a package I didn’t order. I opened it up to find this.”

13. “A gold plated toilet brush sculpture, apparently worth thousands of dollars.”

14. “I wonder how many people put their hands inside the waste bin and wondered why the hand dryer did not work.”

15. “The tips of this fork were sliced off.”

16. “I saw this while doing my delivery job. I guess someone forgot how to park.”

17. “I found a microwave in the woods while hiking. Why? How?”

18. “This hand candle”

How often do you realize that our world is full of weird things? Is it easy to surprise you?


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