15 Photos That Prove Some Things Are Just Too Perfect for This World

2 years ago

Humans blink around 12,000 times a day but, luckily that doesn’t stop us from spotting interesting things. Some of them are so visually pleasing that it’s hard to look away. So we take pictures to enjoy these perfect objects over and over again, or, potentially, to show off that we were chosen to witness them.

Bright Side found photos where people either got lucky or had eyes like a hawk.

1. “This turkey bone fits perfectly into a Lego figure’s hand. And it looks like an ax.”

2. “It was a very tight squeeze but at least I don’t need the stand anymore.”

3. “Shot from the highway — the mountains line up perfectly with the billboard.”

4. “My community just applied a new sealcoat on the pavement.”

5. “A few people said you might like my pizza dough.”

6. “Sliced into a pomelo the other day.”

7. “Someone suggested I post our new Christmas tree that fits perfectly in our living room.”

8. “This sea glass looks like candy.”

9. “Countless hours of wind moved the chains to get this piece of art.”

10. “Who wants some beautiful eggs?”

11. “This particularly splotch-shaped water splotch.”

12. “The coffee grounds at the bottom of my cup made some happy little trees.”

13. “This artist painted directly on the frame.”

14. “This perfectly circular stone my mom found at the beach this weekend”

15. “Cloud looks like a cat reaching for the sky.”

What was the most perfect thing you’ve ever seen? What things, in particular, are satisfying to look at?

Preview photo credit River-Munroe-Turland / Reddit


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