20+ People Whose Random Photos Turned Into Accidental Art

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Life is so fast-paced that sometimes we wish we could just click a camera button and stop time right at that moment. Some of these perfect shots are captured intentionally, while others are absolutely spontaneous and can even remind us of masterpieces from the Renaissance era.

We at Bright Side never get tired of enjoying shots that appear thanks to the random coincidence of circumstances. We bet you’ll like them too.

" I took a picture of my parent’s back porch in autumn."

“My sister’s eye”

“I thought it was a painting!”

“Just my friend in IKEA”

“My friends helping me shave my head for the first time”

“This polaroid my dad took in Amsterdam back in the 1980s”

A sleeping cat in a record store

  • This photograph feels like it completely encompasses the feeling of being super comfy. You can almost make out that musty kind of smell. © B***dAwaits / Reddit

At the window in Versailles

Train Renaissance

“Caught her napping like a marble statue.”

“My beautiful friend listening intently to someone”

Girl in Krakow, taken with a disposable camera, the film was mistreated during development, and the image was scanned in.”

“My daughter enjoying a sun shower — I took this with my iPhone!”

“My father and his cat painting a room together — it was taken by my mother.”

“Мy girlfriend doing homework in NYC”

“My friend struggling with his pants”

“Took a photo of my friend and decided not to edit out her acne.”

“My friends figuring out a question”

“My dad chatting with the dog”

“Caught my girlfriend basking in her post-shower glow.”

“My mom snapped the pic with her iPhone. She normally can’t take good photos, so she was very proud when she saw how it turned out.”

The filmmakers

  • The guy on the left with his head in his hands: “I gave up a perfectly good IT job for THIS?” © hoth_system / Reddit

The very moment he texted back

“A vacation break accidentally turned into the Girl with a Pearl Earring painting.”

Which of these photos did you like the most?

Please note: This article was updated in August 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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Each of these women are striking, beautifully pictured. What a joy to just look at them. Thanks for sharing.


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