20+ People Whose Ideas Are Way Beyond Insane

5 years ago

An Australian driver has been occasionally seen driving despite the fact that his car is missing a front wheel. One of the videos shows him driving calmly along a busy city road paying no attention to the awful sounds the car is making as it scratches the asphalt. The way people behave in public places can sometimes shock us and make us wonder how we are still on planet Earth. These people can be found anywhere -they could be our neighbors or colleagues; people on public transport, or just out on the streets.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve collected a series of mind-racking shots that make us ask ourselves, “What’s going on here?”

1. Safety? What’s that?

2. Is it ingenious or crazy?

3. Are you still going to the gym to tone your muscles? There might be a better solution!

4. “No spare, no problem.”

5. Can you make out the season by looking at this pic?

6. It’s just a moving mass of snow!

7. When you’re in a fight with your roommate:

8. Safety first!

9. Hello there!

10. “Punk’s not dead, just exhausted.”

11. When you don’t have a car but you really want that drive-thru fast food.

12. DIY laptop cooling pad

13. Now the car is completely protected from any extraterrestrial threats.

14. An accommodation for those who are extremely fit...

15. It looks pretty comfortable!

16. When you’d love to go hiking but prefer sleeping in your bed:

17. Thanks for the vivid explanation!

18. When a helmet alone doesn’t make you feel safe enough:

19. How inventive!

20. Make sure you use this very exit in an emergency!

21. “We found a dog and had to improvise a leash.”

Which of these pictures seemed the weirdest to you? Have you ever seen people doing crazy things? Did you manage to take a snapshot? Feel free to share your thoughts and pictures in the comments!


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That BBQ looks very creative XD People just do the weirdest things. Am I right?


I was born in the Philippines and was there till I was 17. Most of the things here are funny cause I've seen them all in real life ?


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