20+ Fashion Decisions Designers Should Be Ashamed Of

10 months ago

Fashion has changed a lot with time. And every year it’s becoming harder and harder to come up with something new that hasn’t been done yet. That’s why designers often go beyond everyday things and sometimes even go too far.

Bright Side has collected the weirdest things created by designers who have really weird taste. And at the end of the article, there’s a bonus for you: the expectation for designer clothes vs. harsh reality.

One of the stupidest shoe designs ever

Even more jeans

Looks like she took a car mats and made a skirt.

As it turns out, it’s really easy to be trendy.

Very original picture on the sweater

The best thing for the beach season

A great way to study anatomy

When you wanted to be Mermaid but something went wrong:

At least there are no socks.

A really warm and trendy ninja

Poison Ivy’s shoes

When you want to be quadruple sure your pants don’t fall:

These cats are amazing.

They’re made to take out the trash.

When you decided to hide nothing:

Well, at least this looks original.

When a movie character decides to buy shoes:

Is there a better way to express your love for an actor?

Really delicious hoodie

Inspired by the Rhinoceros Beetle

When you pulled up your jeans too much:

This is really creepy.

Amazing similarity

Bonus: “This is not what I wanted to look like.”

Which of these crazy examples did you like the most?

Preview photo credit unknown / imgur


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