10 Imposed Beauty Standards That Modern Women Should Ditch Once and Forever

2 years ago

They say women are unhappier than men. The reason lies in women’s constant pressure to limit themselves with standards and seem better at everything. Each woman tries to succeed at home, at work, and, at the same time, stay up-to-date on fast-changing beauty trends.

We at Bright Side believe that the main thing about a woman are her sparkling eyes and her restless desire to live. All other beauty standards are imposed by society and blur the individual features of any lady, and that’s why there is no point in focusing on them.

Tight belly

Some women confessed that an undefined stomach is the source of their low self-confidence. In order to get rid of their rounded belly, women torture themselves with diets and intense training. Doctors in their turn, say that a small amount of subcutaneous fat in this area is not at all a problem for a woman, but an indicator of the proper functioning of the body.

Plump lips

Another trend loved by many is plump lips. Moreover, there is an opinion, according to which, thin lips indicate the aging of the body. That’s why modern women have an immense wish to give this part of their face more volume and expression. Today fillers based on hyaluronic acid are the most popular tools to achieve this result.

However, doctors warn that frequent procedures for increasing lips can harm them significantly. The skin tissue will stretch and sag under the weight of the injected medicine, which will only aggravate the situation.

Ideal shapes

The “hourglass” body shape has long since become an ideal one. Owners of a thin waist and visually similar in volume shoulders and hips catch admiring looks of those around them, while other girls are left complaining about their genetics and envying the beauties on whom nature has bestowed an ideal shape.

In fact, stylists are sure that any body’s shape can look good if “served correctly.” In order for girls with wide hips to compensate for this feature, they need to enhance the lines of their back and shoulders with an accent top. If, on the other hand, you have long legs, you can try bootcut or flared pants with flat shoes.

Symmetric facial features

Despite the fact that facial asymmetry is a natural feature of every person’s appearance, some women are still embarrassed by it. Experts and cosmetologists have actively started to promote face-building classes to help girls achieve symmetry. Though these exercises show positive dynamics, still, one shouldn’t get too focused on face asymmetry because those around you likely don’t notice it at all.

  • Almost all faces are a bit asymmetrical. Our eyes are so used to this they adjust without conscious thought. The odds are that no one has noticed, and they wouldn’t care if they did. © Mary Krupka / Quora
  • If you are conversing closely with someone, they may notice asymmetry and not care because they are talking to a person, not examining a painting. © Donald Bodey / Quora

An even complexion

An even facial complexion is the dream for any girl. Shops offer an endless supply of makeup foundation and concealer, while cosmetology actively promotes professional peels. All this should help women hide any imperfections and make their complexion even.

However, it’s worth remembering that sometimes it’s impossible to get rid of pigmentation, as it is oftentimes affected, not by the environment, but by internal factors: genetic code, structural features of cells, and hormonal background.

Wish to slow down aging

The appearance of wrinkles around the eyes, mimic wrinkles, and the first gray hair are a nightmare for many women. However, scientists recommend putting off worries on this topic as a person’s influence on the work of the biological clock is minimal.

The thing is that the process of aging depends not only on the environment and the degree of self-care but also on the genetic code and general health. Celebrities prove, by their own example, that aging can happen in different ways and it is equally beautiful in all cases.

Thick brows

Trends for naturally thick brows have taken a firm position in the 2020s. But not all women were lucky enough to get those bright and expressive arcs. The beauty industry rushed to help all those “browless” ladies, promoting their makeup services such as laminating and tattooing brows.

While some people actively draw each eyebrow hair, others don’t see anything attractive in these arcs.

  • I never even care about it and I think shaping the eyebrows is just a waste of time. Girls think that it will make them more attractive but, in reality, they become less attractive. © Mohamd Selowe / Quora
  • The eyebrows you were born with are the ones that are suitable for your face and you should never attempt to change the shape, just clean up the strays. © Despoina Tziouma / Quora

Wrinkle-free face

They say that nasolabial folds give a woman an unattractive gloomy look and add a couple of years to her look. To get rid of aging markers, girls spend money on Botox injections and fillers. However, all these things take everything nature has bestowed upon women — their natural beauty and uniqueness.

Cameron Diaz confessed that she once almost lost herself in pursuit of youth. “I’d rather see my face aging than a face that doesn’t belong to me,” the actress shared with her fans in her book when she mentioned the “beauty injections.”

Belly-button nose

The ideal nose that many plastic surgeons are creating today has become a dream for many girls. Many of them believe in the imposed stereotype so blindly that they forget that an unusual nose is not a flaw, but a unique feature each of us has. And celebrities gladly use it.

Actress, Lea Michele, is proof of it. She confesses that she is proud of every centimeter of her body including her protruding nose bridge and a lowered tip in the shape of a hook.

Curvy body

Rounded shapes have become a modern standard for many women today. In pursuit of a body shape a-la Jennifer Lopez, they forget that ideal shapes are not just about the result of exhausting physical training sessions but also about body structure specifics and muscle tone.

According to physiotherapists, a “flat shape” is not a ’lazy woman’ issue, but a consequence of the so-called sleeping muscles that block any attempts of women to achieve an ideal body shape. Experts recommend paying attention to stretching and walking more if one wants to bring their muscles back to the norm.

However, there are people who believe that there is no necessity to worry about it at all.

  • Most people care about the overall package, not each individual part. Very few people sit and examine each individual body part on their partner to make sure that each part is perfect. © Sarah Lynn Johnson / Quora

What else should a modern woman not be too focused on, in your opinion?

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