10 Habits From the Older Generation That Today’s Youngsters Will Hardly Understand

7 months ago

Some traditions and habits from the past that we inherited from our parents stay around in the newer generations as well.

We at Bright Side analyzed the habits that we might still come across every day and learned why we can easily ditch them.

Inviting distant relatives to our wedding

Weddings are connected to numerous traditions and customs. Back in the day, it was traditional to invite all distant relatives and even parents’ colleagues, following the principle “our wedding is just as good as anyone else’s.” Today newlyweds tend to organize the celebration as per their own taste, surrounding themselves only with those who they keep in touch with on a regular basis.

Keeping stuff for a “special occasion”

Older ladies and gentlemen who grew up in war and postwar times have a special attitude toward things. They find it hard to throw things away and keep this stuff for the right occasion. The perfume that they got for their birthday can sit unopened for 20 years, while a set of beautiful dishes might be collecting dust in a box. Eventually, these things become outdated and only take up space in their homes. Psychologists recommend not putting off life and enjoying it right now.

Wearing low liners

Our grannies would put on low liners in order to prevent the appearance of calluses and protect shoes from sweat. Today there are creams that help us avoid calluses and shoe deodorants that protect shoes from sweat, while the big range of choices in shoe stores allows buyers to choose comfortable shoes.

Wearing a robe at home

Back in the day, robes were considered to be a luxury item and moreover, there was no special clothing for loungewear at home — people just had to wear old clothes that were not suitable for going outside. Nowadays it’s quite easy to find affordable loungewear sets in stores and malls.

Having a special set of dishes for celebrations and guests

Every decent home was supposed to have a special set of dishes for various celebrations. It would take up a lot of space and was rarely used. At the same time, people would use chipped cups and plates for everyday use. Together with crystal glasses, this set was considered a sign of prosperity and luxury, they were gifted on anniversaries and at weddings. Today’s newlyweds prefer to be given money and then choose glassware according to their own taste.

Saving underwear for a visit to the doctor

Every self-respecting woman would have a special set of underwear that was meant for going to the doctor. Oftentimes, it would be complemented with a slip to make their clothes look more beautiful on their body. Today it’s become much easier to find beautiful and comfortable underwear for any body shape.

Giving unsolicited advice

During the times of our mothers and grannies, it was customary to give advice every now and then. Doctor Seth Meyers outlines that people who give unsolicited advice are in fact not interested in you per se — it’s more about their wish to control you. Nowadays the echoes of this tradition can be seen on forums and blogs — good-wishers always leave their recommendations to situations they were not asked about.

Having a box or a jar with old buttons

Boxes or jars with a bunch of old buttons could be found almost in any home. It was difficult to buy good buttons and that’s why people stored them just in case. Kids liked to play with these jars a lot. However, nowadays spare buttons are very rarely used for their intended purpose. Fashion is moving fast and people buy new clothes just to buy them, not because their previous clothes got worn out. Still, it’s possible that buttons will come in handy again because ecologists are predicting a “slow fashion” movement, where higher quality clothes will be used for a longer time.

Worrying about what others will think

The dependency on other people’s opinions was there among the peers of our grannies because an “improper” action might end up in dismissal or losing a bonus. The habit of correlating one’s behavior with the views of others was deeply ingrained in people’s heads. Not only was it friends’ opinions but the opinions of your boss, colleagues, and even the unfamiliar old ladies who were sitting near the entrance to your building were being taken into consideration. Modern psychologists outline that the reason is not in “collective consciousness” but more so in not loving oneself, that needs to be worked on.

Not praising children

Our grandparents didn’t praise their kids a lot. It seemed to them that by no doing this, they protected their kids from getting spoiled. Today’s psychologists prove that it’s important to show and express our love for our children.

What habits from the past do you tend to use occasionally?


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I am an older millennial that spent a lot of time with grandparents (born in 1924) and have a lot of tendencies from their generation as well as my parents. I am totally fine with many of these “rules.”


Advice given every now and then was, and still is in some parts of the world, a way of passing on tips and tricks and increasing other people's knowledge with less experience of life itself... Especially the ones coming from grandparents... coming from others one can be a better judge of who is just advising to boast of one's own knowledge and who is giving it sincerely...


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