11 Things That Are Often Shown in Movies but Can Never Happen in Real Life

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Even the greatest movies can have mistakes. These can be historical inaccuracies, irrelevant costumes, or simple goofs. Today we decided to put together the list of things that are often found in movies and series, but never happen in real life.

The heroine loses her self-preservation instinct.

Since the days of Little Red Riding Hood, young girls have acted extremely imprudently. Like Rhaenyra from House of the Dragon. She seems to be an intelligent girl who reads books. And the historical chronicles clearly describe the struggle for power.

Rhaenyra knew that her uncle Daemon wanted to seize the throne, but ended up going with this dangerous man into the city at night. It all ended disastrously. It’s a miracle that no one attacked the princess in the slums when Daemon left her alone.

A character suddenly masters a complex skill.

As the main character of the series Wednesday says, she doesn’t have a social media account or mobile phone, and she doesn’t know how to use a computer. This is why she writes her book with the help of a typewriter. But at the end of the first season, she receives a smartphone as a gift and starts using it with confidence.

Let’s assume that she knows how to use modern phones, she just doesn’t like them. But still, you need some time to get used to a device. At the same time, Wednesday scrolls down her messages in a way as if she’s been using this phone for a long time.

Air ducts are always crystal clean.

Thriller and action heroes have to crawl inside air ducts sometimes, which are often so narrow that they can barely squeeze through them. The Stranger Things kids have enough space inside the air ducts because the fans are enormous, and this seems quite realistic. Unfortunately, the series makers didn’t take one thing into account: the walls and floor of the air ducts almost shine with cleanliness.

  • In big buildings you absolutely can walk around in air ducts, I’ve done it a lot, but they’re very dirty, and there are screws poking in there and sharp edges everywhere. © Hmarf / Reddit

A villain escapes from a fortified prison.

We’ve already seen this in The Silence of the Lambs and Kung Fu Panda. A villain is inside a fortified cell and their arms and legs are in chains, but they still manage to escape. The villain in the series Wednesday managed to perform this trick too.

In general, the idea of the screenwriters is quite obvious. They decided not to invent a new evil, so in the second season, the heroine will be fighting a familiar outlaw.

Action heroines have flawless hairstyle and makeup.

Female characters’ hairstyles and makeup usually look terrific no matter what. Just look at Natasha Romanoff. She runs, sweats, falls, and rolls on the dirty floor, but her locks remain perfect, and her eyeshadow doesn’t get smudged.

Besides, wearing hair loose during a fight is impractical because your opponent can grab it. Isn’t it more logical to put it up in a bun or ponytail?

Female secret agents and spies can’t live a day without wearing high heels.

Perhaps loose hair isn’t that convenient, but it is nothing compared to high heels. The makers of Charlie’s Angels, for example, seemed to enjoy the fact that the 3 main heroines had to fight in high heels.

  • This one makes me crazy! If your job involves running, jumping, fighting, or any sort of physical activity at all, you don’t wear stilettos! © raje01080508 / Reddit

A single lighter can activate all fire sprinklers.

We’ve seen it so many times — a character brings a lighter to a fire sprinkler, and the entire system sets off, sprinkling water all over the place. This trick was used by John Constantine in the movie Constantine to chase away demons. But actually it’s not that easy to do.

  • Setting off a single sprinkler head will not set off the entire system. Each fire sprinkler has either a glass bulb with heat sensitive liquid or a metal fusible link. You need to essentially break the bulb/link on each individual sprinkler to allow the water to flow. © MowMdown / Reddit

Travelers wear new outfits every day.

The series Word of Honor has complex characters and a twisted plot, but sooner or later the audience begins to ask themselves: where does the hero get his beautiful outfits from? He carries only his fan, while his maid has only a fighting whip. But he somehow manages to change his outfits in each new episode. Perhaps he’s followed by a caravan stuffed with clothes for him, we just can’t see it.

A toilet is a dangerous place in movies.

In movies, no one goes to the toilet just to pee. Usually, if a character goes there, this means that they’ll accidentally eavesdrop on someone’s conversation, or they’ll be attacked by some evil creature there.

In the first Harry Potter movie, Hermione was attacked by the Troll when she was using the bathroom. And Harry found Malfoy crying in the toilet and injured him with the spell Sectumsempra by mistake. So, a toilet is definitely a dangerous place to visit.

People brush their teeth without toothpaste.

The Devil Wears Prada starts with a scene where Anne Hathaway’s character is preparing for a new day. And as we can see in the shot above, she’s brushing her teeth. But where is the foam?

In real life, toothpaste is always all around our mouth when we brush our teeth. But we couldn’t find any trace of toothpaste in Anne’s mouth. Perhaps, moviemakers believe that it doesn’t look good on screen.

Unique artifacts disappear from the narrative.

Heroes often come across cool artifacts that could help them defeat the main villain. However, the storytellers tend to “forget” about them. There’s even a playful video about how “Harry Potter” should have ended. The essence of it is that with the help of the Time-Turner, adult wizards could have traveled back in time and safeguarded the magical world from Voldemort.

By the way, in the book “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” the villains attempted to bring back one of the heroes to life using an enhanced Time-Turner.

There are many films and series where we like both the plot and the characters. But, alas, often cinema sins with a lack of logic and clichés. We, the audience, are becoming more experienced, and some things are already difficult for us to forgive the writers.


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