24 Lucky People Who Found Real Diamonds in the Rough in Antique Stores

3 years ago

For many people, visiting antique shops is a real adventure. They enjoy spending hours among the aged objects, looking for something worthwhile. And when they least expect it, magic happens. They find that treasure or diamond-in-the-rough that was always there waiting for trained eyes that could appreciate it. And what a great moment when you finally notice that you’re getting an amazing item for a very low price!

Bright Side compiled the best finds from people who seem to have a fortune magnet when visiting antique shops.

1. “My raw emerald necklace from a small town antique shop”

2. “Found this dress at an antique store yesterday and I think it was made for me! Can’t wait to style it and have a picnic when the weather is nicer.”

3. “My younger brother texted me ’I have a present for you’ out of the blue. He found a Parker 51 with matching mechanical pencil for $10 at an antique store.”

The price of the new pen is $433.79 USD.

4. “My beautiful antique shop ring; stone unknown, but loved!”

5. “Handmade quilt found at an antique store, had to come home with me.”

6. “Before vs. now of this vintage GE alarm clock I got for $3 at an antique store! Four hours of soapy water, Loctite glue, and patience!”

7. “Set of 6 ceramic frog plates, made in Italy. $20 at a local antique/resale store!”

8. “New Balence 1300 National Parks Sneakers $10.00, Brand New Big Agnes Air Core Sleeping Pad $1.99, Brand New Asas Tomtebod Swedish Wool Gnome $1.99”

9. “Came across this vintage cookie cutter set at the antique store.”

10. “Found this miniature clawfoot bathtub at an antique store for $4.95. Ended up being the cutest planter I have.”

11. “Found a Van Gogh Classics 4-piece Fine Bone China Mug set for $7!”

12. “Found this Buttered Toast nightlight for $2.”

13. “The color is so fun, it was $4 and it works! Spent an hour cleaning it up!”

14. “I found this beautiful chair today for 50 bucks!”

15. “Me: ’How much are these? There’s no price.’ Lady: ’$10 for both.”

16. “It finally happened to me. After YEARS of being jealous of people for finding them. I’ve finally found my white whale! For. TEN. Dollars.”

17. “I cannot believe it. Within almost a week of finding the KitchenAid, I have now found my other holy grail, Dr. Martens. In my size. I could literally cry!”

18. “Thrifted a $1k Espresso machine for $15. Made many coffees. Have yet to remove the tag.”

19. “Picked up this awesome ceramic serving tray with built-on sauce/condiment bowls for $5.25 today. Perfect for appetizers! The beige foods are for science of course 😂”

20. “I found this vintage 80s Yves Saint Laurent silk scarf for literally 1$ 😳”

21. “This 11-piece terracotta coffee set for $7!”

22. “My daughter thrifted her prom dress for eleven bucks.”

23. “Scooped a pristine set of Sennheiser HD598 headphones”

24. “$40 at a flea market 😍😍”

How often do you visit antique stores? What is that “jewel” you found and took home for a ridiculous price?

Preview photo credit tn2k7 / Reddit


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