18 People Show Us Their Precious Belongings That Have Stood the Test of Time

2 years ago

Antiques are a free ticket to a trip back in time. If well-preserved, old items can become priceless valuables. From a lovely Edwardian dress to a great-grandfather’s nineteenth-century camera, people often turn to social media to share the most fascinating items they own, which is quite lucky for us.

Bright Side now gives you a peek into the past through objects from different eras.

1. ’’Used since 1880.’’

2. ’’Cared for since 1921.’’

3. “I snagged this Edwardian dress yesterday.”

4. “A new romantic acquisition with a pair of exceptionally flowery nineteenth-century examples”

5. “My great-grandmother wore this silk flower crown for her wedding in 1912. I’ll be wearing it at my own wedding.”

6. “My great-great grandfather’s camera from the 1880s”

7. "100 years ago, this was the very first gift my great-grandpa bought to my great-grandma.’’

8. “My grandpa just gifted me this nineteenth-century mandolin.”

9. “A late Georgian 18-karat gold emerald and diamond ring”

10. “I restored a 1920s Art Deco lamp and made a mica shade with silent film actress Dolores Costello’s eyes.”

11. “An antique toupée and toupée plaster I found locked in the drawer of a Victorian drop-well dresser”

12. “An East Aurora High School basketball team photo from 1894 that I picked up for $12 at an antique shop”

13. “My great-grandmother’s purse from the 1920s”

14. “An elevator emergency stop switch that was installed around 1890 — I had to save it from the trash bin.”

15. “Got my hands on this lovely sterling silver mirror. It’s English from 1906.”

16. “My 1902 Cornish Co piano”

17. ’’120±year-old jewelry from my great-grandmother. I’ve worn the bangles every day for 15 years now!’’

18. "A 1984 Elgin pocket watch that still works!’’

Do you have any antiques or old heirlooms? Do you enjoy learning more about the history of your ancestors? Spark up a conversation with us in the comments by posting your favorite stories and pics.

Please note: This article was updated in March 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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