19 Times People Didn’t Follow Any Design Rules to Express Their Creativity

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Design is about creativity, self-expression, and, at times, it’s also about doing the best you can with the resources you’ve got. In fact, your most powerful tool is your own brain, and some people are gifted at coming up with unconventional yet attention-grabbing ideas for their designs.

At Bright Side, we celebrate people who have unique ideas and aren’t afraid to show them. We’ve made a list of the 19 most “out of the box” designs you’ve probably ever seen.

1. “This kid mannequin...”

2. “I needed a tow truck but this is ridiculous.”

3. “The sign on my husband’s graphic design department”

4. “Interesting design”

5. “I was tasked with clearing out the crawlspace, but then I found my old slot car track and progress halted.”

6. “Got my wife a Mother’s Day gift: A Jurassic Park Jeff Goldbloom shower curtain.”

7. “A Greek column barcode on Greek yogurt”

8. “These are my stairs.”

9. “A premium motel”

10. “This fuzzy staircase”

11. “This new hotel carpet that looks like it’s worn out beyond threadbare.”

12. “This restaurant sign that is half shadows”

13. “A walking stick with a built-in compass”

14. “Painted in a hotel stairwell leading to a fitness center”

15. “Why do this?”

16. “Pleather cabinets”

17. “911 — I’d like to report a crime.”

18. The design is not there yet but the execution is an A+!

19. “This bathroom in my neighbor’s house”

Do you pay attention to how things in your surroundings are designed? What’s the strangest design you’ve ever come across? Share your stories with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit OreganoFlakes/ Reddit


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I went to a hotel last week for one night, the door was a fail because there was an alarm right behind the handle for zero reason so whenever you tried opening the door the alarm went off


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