18 People Who Witnessed Coincidences and Were Lucky Enough to Capture Them

2 years ago

It is believed that “a coincidence itself is in the eye of the beholder.” Thus, if a rare and surprising event happens somewhere in a remote area, far away from sight, where no one notices or cares about it, then it’s not really a coincidence. So what’s amazing and impressive is not that these things actually occur, but that we perceive and become aware of them.

Bright Side has collected 18 photos where people had surprising connective experiences and decided to create meaning out of them with pics that are guaranteed to wow you.

1. “The carrot my mom just bought at our local market shares the same shape as my fingers.”

2. “The oil in my frying pan made a happy face.”

3. “The colors of my niece and nephews’ Nintendo DS consoles matched their outfits.”

4. “My socks match this outdoor rug at our Airbnb.”

5. “I had a black eye that matched my hair. I dyed hair and fell on my face the next day.”

6. “I found a pair of earrings at Goodwill that perfectly match the pattern of my dress.”

7. “How the A-frame angle of the ladder matches the level counter and the ramp incline”

8. “My nephew matches his truck, right down to the shoes and wheels!”

9. “Someone gave me a fishing lure that matched my son’s outfit.”

10. “My boyfriend’s grandma gave us a greeting card that matches my shirt.”

11. “My dog’s fur matches her bedding.”

12. “The lines on my niece’s shirt line up almost perfectly with the awning.”

13. “My girlfriend’s socks perfectly matched the floor today.”

14. “It looks like my son shrunk my niece, put her in a cup, and is about to drink. And he’s proud about it.”

15. “Took a pic of my cousin — her eyes match the creepy doll.”

16. “My beach towel matches the color scheme of my painting.”

17. “My daughter looks like the girl in the painting in our hotel room.”

18. “My parents’ dog on a near-identical rug”

Do you believe that coincidences are fate, or are they just a matter of probability and statistics? We’d love to know your opinion in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Hachiman-Hikigaya/Reddit


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