21 Amusing Finds That Almost Made Us Want to Buy Them

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Thrift shopping can be a colorful ride that leaves us overwhelmed and sometimes even speechless. From finding peculiar tables standing on human-looking legs to a computer mouse filled with actual chocolates, or a keyboard waffle iron, and much more. There’s an endless sea of possibilities at the thrift shop. All we need is a bit of luck and a good eye and we leave with a truly eccentric gem.

Bright Side is fascinated by these rare finds that look like nothing else we’ve seen. We will be sharing with you some objects that will add a massive sprinkle of astonishment and curiosity to your day.

1. Yoda backpack

2. ’’Salt & pepper shakers of a giraffe eating a tourist’s toupee’’

3. If I fart in these will they fog up?

4. “Almost got this table, but I decided I didn’t really need it.”

5. “Hershey’s PC mouse has built-in aquarium with tiny floating candies.”

6. “Funny little Lego hat”

7. “Nic Cage sequin throw pillow $3.99.”

8. This is both cute and creepy all at once.

9. “Mr. Monte’s Red Cat. A crafty thrift store find.”

10. “Brand new, $8. Do I need it? No... Did I buy it? YES!”

11. “Found a picture of Prince made entirely of seeds. Had to buy it.”

12. “Crayola calculator! $2, needs a new battery!”

13. “My favorite plate ever!!”

14. “I saw this little figurine at a local thrift shop. Thought it was funny.”

15. “I still think about this foot stool I spotted at a thrift store last year.”

16. “Who is he? I bought these leggings at a thrift store and have no idea who he is. Please help.”

17. “Vest I just got from the thrift store had a shriveled clementine with a face drawn on it in its pocket.”

18. “We found a doll inside of a thrift store doll.”

19. “The button on this pair of jeans from a thrift store is a penny.”

20. “Babies in a pod”

21. ’’A phone that is shaped like a ketchup bottle.’’

Do you usually go thrift shopping? What is the strangest thing you came across, and have you kept it?

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Please note: This article was updated in July 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit kate9871/Reddit


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in picture 12 the doll behind the white one is literally like:👁️👄👁️


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