15 Then and Now Photos That Can Open Your Eyes to the Power of Change

2 years ago

Life is exciting because everything around us is constantly changing and evolving, including us. While some changes are done organically without our intervention, other transformations depend on our own hard work. And if we look back after some time, it is the accomplishments we make ourselves that turn into our biggest source of pride. This is because they prove that when determination and dedication unite, we can make anything happen.

Bright Side believes that change is a vital breath of air that keeps us moving forward. We’ll share some comparison photos that are so different yet somehow still the same.

1. ’’She was 5 pounds when we brought her home, now she looks massive at 15 pounds.’’

2. ’’My jaw surgery transformation’’

3. ’’Self-portrait: age 5 and age 21’’

4. ’’Worst shape to best shape’’

5. ’’I’m not sure they gave me back the same dog.’’

6. ’’I feel so different.’’

7. ’’My backyard: before and after’’

8. “My face gains”

9. ’’After polishing a copper spoon I found in the dirt at work’’

10. ’’Here’s my weight gain transformation.’’

11. ’’The same phone case, one year apart’’

12. ’’Finally, I get to do a ‘before/after.’’’

13. ’’I renovated my kitchen all by myself.’’

14. ’’Covering up my tattoo’’

15. ’’My golden doodle underwent a transformation.’’

What’s the biggest transformation you’ve ever experienced in your life? Do you think that there are some things time can never change?


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