An Artist From Indonesia Shows What Feelings Are Hidden Inside Our Souls

5 years ago

Mimi N is an artist from Indonesia who continues to take part in the SUN Project and to post her illustrations devoted to social problems. In her pictures, she shows such pernicious feelings and emotions that people don’t usually discuss, though we all experience them from time to time.

Bright Side has already told you about this talented artist who unfolds the dark side of the human soul. Now we’d like you to take a look at her new illustrations. Warning: some of them can really make you feel uncomfortable.

24. The real me

23. Behind your back

22. Cheer up!

21. The 4 of us

20. My true love

19. Echo

18. Distrust

17. One-sided

16. Memories

15. Household

14. Sibling

13. Strong

12. Mistake

11. Just kidding

10. Ego

9. Social anxiety

8. Group assignment

7. Getting an A

6. Identity crisis

5. Introvert

4. I can’t.

3. Help

2. Congratulations

1. Adulthood

Do you think Mimi N managed to show the darkest feelings and emotions?

Preview photo credit futarinokizuna_ / Instagram


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