An Indonesian Artist Unfolds People’s True Nature, and It’s So Frightening You May Lose Sleep

3 years ago

An Indonesian artist with the nickname Mimi N doesn’t consider herself to be a talented girl, but the number of subscribers on her Instagram account shows otherwise. She can perfectly illustrate negative feelings and emotions that many of us have experienced at least once in our lives. “Beauty and dark emotion admirer” is how the artist introduces herself in social media.

At Bright Side, we were impressed by this girl’s art and would like to share her brightest illustrations with you.

1. The best pupil

2. “The real me”

3. Hierarchy

4. Mourn

5. Recharging

6. Addicted

7. Growing up

8. “Please, love me.”

9. Bullied

10. Seeking hope, seeking help

11. Non-existent

12. Failing in life

13. Disappointment

14. The child’s future

15. Mom

16. Where is your common sense?

17. Attention

18. Toxic

19. Frustration

20. “I was never your friend from the start.”

21. Cyber judgement

22. Agony

Did you recognize yourself in any of Mimi N’s illustrations? Please tell us about it in the comments!


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