11 Illustrations That Prove What We See on Social Media Is Nothing but an Illusion

2 years ago

We all share things that make us feel happy or that concern us on social media and the magic of it all is that, through those channels, we may be able to find people who’re actually interested in the same things. However, sometimes it may seem that we live in an alternate reality in which there are 2 versions of ourselves because we tend to “make up” situations without realizing it, as we express ourselves through this unique way that technology has offered us.

Bright Side wanted to portray some funny situations that show that the internet is similar to a parallel reality that’s actually just an illusion — which is why we should never forget to get a reality check once in a while!

1. We can be great advocates for noble causes, but sometimes it takes some work to actually do something about it.

2. We sometimes have interests that we do not share with people in real life but that we do share online.

3. We can admire exemplary relationships without knowing what really happens behind the scenes.

4. Some people are very well-known online, but it’s a completely different story when you meet them in real life.

5. We all have friends who only miss us online...

6. Parties and meetings can be seen from more than one point of view.

7. It can be fun to take pictures of our food but pretty food isn’t the same as good food.

8. Sunsets! Oh, if only we could actually share what we feel when we see them.

9. We often turn out to be the spoiler of our own story.

10. Things in real life are a bit messier than what you see on social media.

11. Even motherhood looks a lot simpler on the internet, but actually it’s just as hard as it’s always been.

What habits and attitudes do you find very strange about people on the internet?

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that's why I hate SM. Only fake and unrealistic positivity


yeah especially about pregnancy, this is NOT real and NOT as beautiful as you try to show 😂


those people who post pics of the sunset are the most weird. Mots of the times those pics aren't even beautiful lol :D


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