10 Comics About the Ironic Changes Our Moms Go Through After They Become Grandmas

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4 years ago

Becoming a mom can be a life changing event, but not many people talk about the extraordinary transformation women go through when they become grandmothers. From almost forgetting rules, manners, and discipline to overreacting to any type of danger and discomfort their grandkids could go through, they seem to be different human beings than the ones who raised us.

Bright Side has decided to approach this reality of life with a sense of humor and will share with you some illustrated scenes that depict how moms change when they become grandmas.

1. Sugar isn’t off limits anymore.

2. They suddenly seem to try to make parent’s lives miserable.

3. Their grandchildren’s pain matters more than their children’s pain used to.

4. They don’t care if the baby’s routine is messed up.

5. They begin to think that parents are baby-making machines.

6. Grandparents promote laziness.

7. Bedtime isn’t a thing for them.

8. When we were kids, the coolest toys were a no-no.

9. They develop paranoia.

10. But one thing will never change: Their love for you and your little ones.

What do you think is the biggest change that new grandparents experience? Do you think you’re going to be like these grandmas and grandpas in the future? Say why below!


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I don't really have a good relationship with my grandma, but my granddad is awesome!


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