21 Ironic Caricatures About the Modern World That Can Leave a Bitter Aftertaste

4 years ago

Every illustration by Davide Bonazzi tells a story that can make anyone reflect upon the state of the world today. His creative works are in high demand and that's why Davide works with some of the largest publishing houses in the world. He also shares his illustrations on his website.

We at Bright Side were really impressed with the artist's work and we received his permission to share his deep and touching illustrations with our readers.

1. Education

2. Taxes

3. The power of money

4. Online support

5. The rapid pace of development

6. Progress

7. Monitoring

8. Cybercrime

9. No confidentiality

10. War and peace

11. Opportunities

12. Memory

13. Safety

14. Family

15. Escape

16. The working class

17. Privileges

18. The comfort zone

19. The information era

20. Altruism

21. The flight

What did you think about as you looked at the illustrations of Davide Bonazzi? Which did you find to be the most impressive? Share your thoughts with us!


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