A Polish Artist Portrays Nightmares of the Modern World We’re Too Afraid to Discuss

4 years ago

The illustrations made by the Polish artist named Pawel Kuczynski feature the acute satire of the reality of today. Between famine, war, economic instability, modern slavery, and problems between people — there are no taboo topics in his works. That’s why they move everyone and they are always relevant.

We at Bright Side have chosen 14 of Pawel’s most thrilling works that will make you want to ask the world a few questions.

1. My space

2. Loneliness

3. Loading

4. Watcher

5. Tank

6. Eggs

7. Writer

8. Kiss

9. Promises

10. Approval

11. Red carpet

12. Manual

13. Healthy food

14. Addiction

How well do you think these illustrations describe the reality of today? Which of these illustrations seemed the most powerful? Share your opinion in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Pawel.Kuczynski, Pawel.Kuczynski


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