18 Girls Who Now End Up in a Cold Sweat When Hearing the Word “Nail Salon”

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2 years ago

Visiting a beauty salon is an exciting event. Because we expect to feel refreshed and full of emotions after our treatment. However, not everyone’s experiences appear to be pleasant — as a rule, sometimes reality is different from our expectations. Sometimes this difference can be ignored or it can go unnoticed, other times it is so huge that it’s impossible to conceal our disappointment.

We at Bright Side are sure that posting an unsuccessful photo on the internet is a brave action. That’s why we believe that the characters from our compilation are absolutely brave.

“I am fairly disappointed. The differences are definitely huge.”

“I paid the nail artist $89 for these nasty nails.”

“Went with my mom to her nail salon and paid $55 for these acrylic gel nails. First of all, they are a bit too thick, right?”

“Paid more than $100 for this.”

“They are awful, unfortunately, and make the hand look humongous.”

“Cannot believe I paid for this...”

“I walked out of the salon and only later realized what they did to my nails. I came home and cried.”

“They claimed that their products last up to 10 days without chipping. This is day 3. They are not worth their price.”

“Asked for a pink ombré nail... a little bit disappointed.”

“It wasn’t until the nail artist finished one hand that I realized it was not what I had hoped for... but it was too late.”

“So disappointed but didn’t want to speak up.”

“Am I overreacting? The tips look too big, almost like a duck tail.”

“The nail tech’s work looked perfect on Insta. I was clearly bamboozled!”

“Did the nail artist secretly hate me while doing my nails??”

“Don’t be like me — speak up if you don’t like something.”

“Just had my acrylics taken off. I was in tears.”

“Went in with long acrylics & asked for them to be cut to half the length/made square/filled. I left crying.”

“I definitely don’t like the shape.”

How would you react if you found yourself in the same situation? Would you speak up or would you stay silent?

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