16 People Who Didn’t Receive What They Were Expecting

2 years ago

Online stores made the shopping process much easier. Today, you can buy anything you want, like food, flowers, or even stuffed animals, all while sitting on your couch. However, sometimes the products we see on our laptop screens don’t match with what we get after our long-awaited package arrives. And sometimes, this contrast is hilarious.

We at Bright Side found 16 people who shared how reality broke their expectations, and we want to show them to our readers.

1. Something went wrong.

2. “A secret gift: an Xbox in a chip box, the perfect fit!”

3. “What I ordered were crystals, and what I received was a sack of corn.”

4. “What we ordered vs what we got”

5. “It took 3 months to arrive, and I got these shambles.”

6. “Airline ’pizza’”

7. “My family recently moved to Florida, so I wanted to protect them from the sun.”

8. Expectation vs reality

9. “Online flower order”

10. “The feeling of betrayal”

11. “I thought I’d turn my fancy cakes into cute cows.”

12. “’Simply place the egg in water,’ they said.”

13. “It was really good to eat though!”

14. “Some kind of advertising they got there.”

15. “This lion dog toy my mom got — the dog loves it but I can’t stop laughing.”

16. “Axolotl arrived in the mail.”

Have you ever received something that was completely different from what you ordered?

Preview photo credit marcgems / Reddit


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