17 People Who Paid for Something That Ended in Regret

3 years ago

We live in an era of consumption and often make unnecessary purchases. Sometimes we do it because we want something, other times it happens thanks to marketers. No matter what, shopping means happiness or headaches for some, while others find irony and laughter in it.

We at Bright Side have gotten ourselves into situations where a purchase didn’t meet our expectations, that’s why we are sure that you’ll find these stories from people from our compilation all too familiar.

“Guys, it really is something”

  • I paid $200 to a matchmaking site just to learn that there are a lot of people in the world I don’t want to bother talking to. © friend_jp / Reddit

  • A big wedding. We could have done it for a fraction of the price and saved the rest as a down payment for a house. It’s not like I remember most of the wedding or even ate half my dinner anyway. © d**k_beverson / Reddit

“Our glass living room table calved a smaller, much sharper, table while we were sleeping.”

  • Once I decided I randomly wanted to learn how to play guitar. Bought a $400 guitar online based on various reviews. While waiting for it to come in, I got impatient and went and bought a ukulele to mess around with while waiting for the guitar to come in. 2 and a half months later I’m playing the uke a couple of hours a day while I lay around on the couch. I’m very much enjoying it and making progress with the skill. Meanwhile, my $400 guitar and an extra $60-$70 in accessories sit. © BurnedOut_ITGuy / Reddit

  • When I first started working (at 16), I spent an untold amount of money on makeup. Thousands, probably. It became an obsession. I was so insecure about my looks and always thought this was the product that would make me feel pretty. It’s taken me years to begin to undo the financial damage. I’m not in debt, but I cringe to think of all that money that could’ve gone into savings. © The_Late_Gatsby / Reddit

“I bought these toothbrushes specifically because you can put them in compost, but they came in an unrecyclable plastic bag.”

  • My diamond engagement ring. It’s beautiful and I do love it, just not $11k worth. It wasn’t until after we got engaged that I learned about better and cheaper options, and I don’t even wear it every day because my fingers swell when I work out. © heyitsmeuredgelord / Reddit

“Opened up a new package of butter while making dinner and all of them had mold.”

  • I buy tasty food thinking it will make me happier. But later I feel even worse because I wasted my money on a 1-minute indulgence. © astrosope / Twitter

  • A Mercedes 500SEL. I literally bankrupted myself buying parts and gas for that land yacht. Sold it for half what I paid and felt lucky to get rid of it. © [deleted] / Reddit

Single-use chopsticks that can break metal

  • I work at a car dealership as an apprentice mechanic and I’ve seen many examples of people wasting their money, be it car parts, dumb accessories, whatever... the list goes on. But there was this one guy that would spend literally $75 on a car air freshener. And he bragged about it, constantly. © BigJo101 / Reddit

“So my parents bought a couple of ‘hard drives’ on Amazon, and found that when you put more than 30GB on them, they just replace previous content.”

“Why did I buy this kind of table?”

What was your biggest waste of money?

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Wait that hard drive looks really bad... is that how it's supposed to be?


Haha honestly I would never get a glass table, it just seems like a waste of money and a bad purchase. but everyone has their own opinion


That last one with the cat looking up through the glass table trying to send mind messages "Give me your food!!"... just has me in stitches!!


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