15 Photos That Need to Be Cracked Like a Code

2 years ago

Whether it’s the angle, lighting, or the quality of an image, photos are unpredictable. In a remarkable plot twist, your pic of a building’s roof can suddenly turn into something from outer space. Thankfully, these rare strokes of luck are shared on social media for the confusion of many.

We at Bright Side were puzzled by a few photos online that you might enjoy figuring out now.

1. “My teacher kneeled to write on the bottom of the board but her long sweater made her look like a dwarf.”

2. One of the chair’s legs blends in with the carpet.

3. “My photo of this building and clouds looks like it was taken from a low Earth orbit.”

4. “This cat’s color pattern makes it look like it’s meowing.”

5. “Almost hurt my wife’s leg when going to sit next to her this morning.”

6. “My daughter made a drawing of me and flipped it upside down.”

7. “My friend took this picture of a frozen water bottle on top of his car but it seems giant.”

8. “I’m jumping off this wall, not standing on my left tiptoe.”

9. “My friend took this pic at a drawbridge.”

10. “My wife and I look like we share a pair of legs.”

11. “My wife took a photo at the beach and it seems it was taken from a plane.”

12. The walls in this room aren’t actually straight.

13. “My girlfriend’s dog in the toilet”

14. “I found this picture of my family and me when we were kids. It looks like my cousin’s head is missing.”

15. “No, he hasn’t learned to balance a soccer ball on his head.”

Which of the pics above left you more confused? Have you taken any puzzling photos that could be in this compilation? We’ll be looking through the comments to see your answers and photos, so go ahead!

Preview photo credit licheese / Reddit


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