12 People Who Could Make Even David Copperfield Say “OMG”

2 years ago

With the world population reaching almost 7.9 billion people, it’s only natural that some of them capture our attention more than others. Some have extremely evolved muscles and can hold a car on their heads for a few seconds. And some others have bones as elastic as gum and can bring their legs over their heads.

Bright Side discovered 12 people who were gifted with unique abilities or who worked really hard in order to achieve their goals.

1. “I’m double-jointed.”

2. Jaspreet Singh Kalra, also known as “Rubber Man,” can turn his head 180° and bring his feet to his neck.

3. “I have a picture of my bent double-jointed hand.”

4. In 1999, John Evans balanced a 159.6 kg (352 lb) mini car on his head for 33 seconds.

5. In 2017, the then 10-year-old G. Devisri Prasad from India, limbo-skated under bars for 603 feet (184 m).

6. Liew Thow Lin, also known as “Magnet Man,” could make metal objects up to 79 lbs stick to his body.

7. “First photo is normal, other photos from different angles. Yes, both hands are the same.”

8. Alain Robert is a real-life Spider-Man, who climbs very tall buildings using only climbing shoes and a bag of chalk.

9. Daniel Kish who became blind when he was 13 months old, can move around a busy city using his tongue to recognize sounds.

10. Raj Mohan Nair’s body can withstand several amps of electricity entering his body without suffering any harm.

11. A man practices tummo, a breathing exercise that might help generate inner heat even under freezing cold temperatures.

12. Ru Anting is a man from China that can write on a piece of paper with water squirted from his eyes.

Do you have any unique and unusual abilities that maybe no one else on the planet has? Don’t hesitate to share your special talents with us.

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