18 People for Whom Going Unnoticed Was Never an Option

2 years ago

There are people with an insatiable desire to stand out who will go to unthinkable lengths with their eccentric fashion choices. By doing this, some aim at expressing their tastes and their unique personality. Others want to simply shock, provoke, or turn heads. Whichever it is, we have to admit that daring to be so different and breaking the chains of conformity isn’t for everyone. A lot of confidence and a good dose of courage are a definite must.

Bright Side is fascinated by those who have the power to express their singularity. This is why we’ll introduce you to some bold people who made a statement through their astonishing style.

1. ’’This lady’s hair perfectly matches her tricycle motorcycle.’’

2. ’’I couldn’t find anyone to ask him what time it was.’’

3. ’’Just saw this guy strutting down the street.’’

4. ’’I just saw this horse guy.’’

5. At least we can’t accuse him of a lack of style.

6. ’’This guy was just cruising down the street casually.’’

7. ’’My client asked me to take my boots off, these are the socks I chose to wear to work.’’

8. Skiing in style.

9. ’’I saw this lady casually walking her pony friend.’’

10. ’’I saw this guy balancing a weird huge “hat” on his head in Germany.’’

11. Just a guy and his bird

12. ’’I saw this guy on the interstate on a really cold day.’’

13. ’’I saw this guy outside my apartment.’’

14. He sure does love his flowers.

15. Taking her sun protection precautions to the next level.

16. Just a Spider-Man in his Porsche.

17. Swag at its finest levels.

18. This lizard haircut will break some hearts.

Do you think that fashion is the ultimate way of expressing your mood and emotions? How far would you go with your wardrobe choices?

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Preview photo credit Darkmoosen/Reddit


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