20+ Things We’ve All Heard of but Have No Concept of Their Size

3 years ago

When it comes to size, we’re most often impressed not by dry numbers, but by spectacular comparisons. Something very large or very tiny things can really stun us if there are familiar items nearby for context or if we use a person as a universal measurement.

We at Bright Side never turn down the chance to evaluate how big or small something is. So, once again, we want to remind you that the world around us is full of surprises.

The Statue of Unity is the world’s tallest statue.

Octobass is one of the largest and rarest musical instruments.

And this is Little Lady — the smallest harmonica in the world.

“Loading and unloading the area of ​​the AN cargo plane on which I was lucky to work for one day”

“My 6’3’’ uncle inside his hot air balloon”

This is what one of the most dangerous creatures in the world looks like — the Irukandji jellyfish.

The Rose of Hildesheim is the oldest rose bush on earth. It’s believed to be about 1,000 years old.

“A hummingbird feather compared to a penny”

Cane Corso dogs are the dogs whose ancestors are considered the ancient Roman gladiator dogs.

“I used my pretty lady for scale next to this giant iron horse.”

Cueva de los Cristales (Crystal Cave) in Mexico — it’s here that you can see the largest crystalline formations on the planet.

A man in comparison to an underwater portion of an iceberg

Mini desserts are ideal for those who want to watch their weight.

A human in comparison to a bucket of an ordinary mining excavator

Newborn octopuses

“A street lamp and my mother”

“The smallest house in Great Britain and my girlfriend who’s just 5 feet tall”

A man and a leaf of a plant that’s called the Brazilian giant-rhubarb for a reason

“I photographed my friends in front of this massive Glacier from 2 miles away. Kind of looks like ’The Wall’ in Game of Thrones (the glacier, Tateraat Sermiat, West Greenland).”

The true size of the wind turbines can be acknowledged only by taking a photo next to one of them.

“Next to the tires of the second-largest dump truck in the world — Cat 797F”

This Chihuahua is a small but very serious dog.

A 12-week-old Leonberger already can barely fit in her arms.

Do you have a photo in your collection of something that amazed you by its size? Would you show it to us?

Preview photo credit GondwanaGirl / wikipedia


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Wow, I knew that cargo planes might be big, but I didn't think they can be THAT huge 😱


If I start eating such a tiny cake, I will just want more sweets, won't be able to hold myself and then will eat way more. Better to eat a normal-size slice of cake and get over with it 😅


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